About Us

the WATCHLIST (Sean) lighting up the dance floor for over 200 people at the PDBC 'Fire & Ice' End of Year Banquetpioneercdjsdjmumbles_parlour

Last Minute DJ’s are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and focus mainly in the Greater Toronto Area. They are not only DJ’s but also work as Corporate Professionals who have experience with events where you need the right type of professional engagement interacting with Executives. They cover and professionally mix all genres of music from the 60’s, 70’s, Rock, and Reggae but we really specialize in the areas for Soulful House, Classic House, Progressive/Deep House, Old Skool, R&B, Hip Hop, Disco, Retro 80’s and of course ‘Big Drop’ Club / Dance. They work very hard at making sure every mix sounds good.

The WATCHLIST (Sean) began DJing vinyl on Technics 1200’s in the 90’s during the early days at Chicago House (’The Warehouse’) starting his love for House music with classic harmonic rhythms and soulful Chicago vocalists. He made his debut on University radio station 88.1 CKLN where he spun the newest House records with DJ Jeremy. This led to several gigs at Superstars Nightclub just outside the Greater Toronto Area and later to several appearances spinning House and Techno at classic Toronto Clubs Downtown like RPM, Club Max, Factory and 23 Hop. Following a move out west to establish new sounds which included expanding into Electronica, he returned and made his debut back in Toronto at Una Mas and Fez Batik where these unique sounds were combined with Deep House baselines for an eclectic musical experience. His unique sounds quickly spread into several Toronto Private Events at many clubs, halls and lounges. When he is not DJing memorable weddings, large corporate functions or major outdoor sporting events he can be found producing tracks and recording mixes available on iTunes podcast for free download branded ‘Velvet House Concept’. His fan base includes many listeners from Canada, U.S., Russia, Latin America & Europe.

DJ Mumbles (Wil) is a DJ/Producer from Toronto, Canada.  At an early age, thanks to his family, he was exposed to all kinds of music. His father was a big fan of Disco and Soul music while his older sister introduced him to House music in the late 80’s. He fell in love with rap music the first time he watched several of The Beastie Boys videos  on Much Music. In his teenage years, he grew up listening to Hip Hop, R&B, House and Trance music. In 2003, DJ Mumbles began an online Hip Hop record store and expanded into a record label in 2005, acquiring  international distribution with Fatbeats NYC and Crosstalk Chicago. A total of 8 releases on CD/Vinyl was released and target markets included The United States, Japan, U.K. and across Europe. After closing down it’s doors in 2009, he began to DJ again and has been doing it since then. Other than corporate gigs, weddings and private parties, you can also find him spinning at lounges downtown Toronto. You can also tune into his ‘I Know You Got Soul (Soulful House)’ podcast available for free on iTunes which receives listeners across The United States, U.K., Canada and South Africa.